L.A. Heavy Metal Band Debuts Sophomore Album

A Brief History of The Los Angeles Metal Band Vampires Everywhere!
Vampires Everywhere! were formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The band was founded by core members Michael Orlando, David Hernandez and Alex Hernandez. Vampires Everywhere! are primarily a metal and hardcore band that have developed a massive following over the past few years. The metal group has released two full-length studio albums on Hollywood Waste as well as four digital singles. The band has also gone through a number (more…)

Best Songs by Vampires Everywhere

The band Vampires Everywhere! leaped into the metal scene in winter of 2010, with their debut EP Lost in the Shadows. Drawing from the genres of metal core, horror punk, industrial rock and shock rock, Vampires Everywhere! have made two full length albums to date. The up-and-coming band is frequently compared to Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie, all of which can be heard on the music channels offered though www.direct2tv.com.

The band’s first single, “Immortal Love”, has also proved to be one of their most enduring songs. “Immortal Love” single-handedly catapulted the band into the spotlight. The music video for the song was instrumental in this process. The “Immortal Love” video appeared on MTV 2′s Headbanger’s Ball in early 2010.

“Immortal Love” is featured on the band’s first full length album Kiss the Sun Goodbye. This album also includes another of Vampires Everywhere!’s best songs: “Undead Heart.” This second song draws from the same pool of horror movie inspiration that made the band notable. However, “Undead Heart” is a more subtle, sophisticated take on the same material.

With their second album Hellbound and Heartless, the band has taken a slightly different tack. Hellbound and Heartless features a sound that’s less classic metal and more experimental noise music. Overall, the songs on this album draw less directly from the vampire mythos and explore a broader range of themes. All of them, however, are reliably dark.

The most underrated song on the album is undoubtedly the cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me.” While grunge purists have disdained this version as unworthy of the classic song, Vampire Everywhere! has proved that they have the creative power and courage to turn old music fresh again.

The single “I Can’t Breathe” has received a lot of praise and attention. There’s no question that it’s a solid song and an excellent listen. While the song might be said to be less original than many of Vampires Everywhere!’s other songs, the technical mastery on display in “I Can’t Breathe” is indisputable. However, it pales in comparison to the true gem on this album, the breathtaking “Drug of Choice.” Even people who do not typically enjoy metal should give this dazzling song a listen.

“Hellbound & Heartless” For the Freaks of Society

The metal band Vampires Everywhere! released a second album, Hellbound and Heartless, in June of 2012. The band, which is known for its Gothic look and provocative lyrics, included 16 tracks on the album, many of which featured titles with references to Hell and the devil. The band has marketed itself as being for society’s outcasts, who can relate to lyrics expressing disenfranchisement with cultural norms.

The Los Angeles-based band made a name for itself with the (more…)

Shock Rock Band Dedicates New Album to Fans

Many bands and musicians claim they owe everything to their fans, but how many actually put their money where their mouth is? Probably not too many, however, Vampires Everywhere! has done just that by dedicating their latest album to none other than their fans and the people who have supported them from the beginning.

In June of 2012, Vampires Everywhere! released their second album, Hellbound & Heartless on their label, Hollywood Waste Records. Many say the album is much different from their first one, 2011′s Kiss the Sun Goodbye, as well as (more…)

Facebook Welcomes Fans To the Site of Vampires Everywhere!

Facebook is able to offer a social layer to the site of Vampires Everywhere, allowing fans from around the world to share the anticipation and experience of any future shows and upcoming album releases. The social interaction made possible allows people who share a common interest in this release to share information, get to know each other and enrich their experience with the addition of knowing others who feel the same way. Exploring the different ways that social media allow fans and people who share interests to connect with one another can give you (more…)

Michael Vampire Claims New Album Is Piece of Himself

The punk metal LA band Vampires Everywhere! seem to be well, everywhere this summer. They released a new album just as Michael Vampire, along with the other members in Vampires Everywhere! began their summer tour with Warped 2012.

Vampires Everywhere! was founded in 2009 by Michael Vampire. The band name comes from the name of a comic book featured in the 1987 movie, “The Lost Boys”. The band tackles controversial topics including depression, religion, love and hate.

Vampires Everywhere! released their second second studio album, Hellbound & Heartless on June 19, 2012. When asked what fans can expect can expect from the new (more…)

Bassist Leaves Heavy Metal Band Vampires Everywhere!

If you are a fan of the heavy metal band Vampires Everywhere!, then you have heard the sad news that bass guitarist, Phillip Kross, has left the band. He is going to pursue other music interests. He will be missed by all fans. The announcement was made in April of 2012. The band will keep him on all album related artwork he has done with the band. This includes the new release of Hellbound and Heartless in June of 2012.

This means there (more…)

“Hellbound & Heartless” Album Released By Vampires Everywhere!

Vampires Everywhere! is a band that is known for their unique blend of gothic alternative metal sounds. Named after the comic book that taught vampire killing techniques in the 1987 hit movie The Lost Boys, Vampires Everywhere! have slowly been gaining popularity in the world of metalcore music since the 2011 release of the album Kiss The Sun Goodbye. Through their debut album, Vampires Everywhere! won the praise of fans and music critics alike and if you’re a fan of this Los Angeles, California based band, you will be happy to hear they have recently released a (more…)

Vampires Everywhere! Playing on Vans Warped Tour 2012

Vampires Everywhere! the self-described “shock rock” metal band will be joining the lineup of this year’s Vans Warped Tour. The summer concert series has been a staple of the punk rock circuit for years, providing both a venue for old favorites and new up-and-coming bands on the alternative scene. Vampires Everywhere! will be playing June 29th in Las Cruces, New Mexico, followed by another three days in Texas. Specifically San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. After that, the goth metal band will be on the Warped Tour all the way through July and August, www.directtelevisionpackages.com/, with their last stop in Portland, Oregon. Chances are, if you live along the tour route your town will be subject to the evil, creepy-contact-sporting rock of Vampires Everywhere! The band has gathered a respectable following, with over two hundred thousand members on their Facebook fan page alone, and are promoting their new single currently for sale on iTunes called “Drug of Choice.” In keeping with their dark aesthetic the new album the single has been plucked from will be entitled “Hellbound and Heartless.” Vampires Everywhere! joins bands like New Found Glory, Breathe Carolina and Bless The Fall for Warped this year, so don’t miss this show!